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Spoon Cow Ornament
Spoon Cow Ornament
Moo! .....it's a Spoon Cow! I have to say, this one turned out rather deliciously adorable, didn't it?

Cow's body is crafted from the flattened bowl of a vintage silverplate spoon, and I use copper for the finishing touches that turn that spoon into a little cow with big personality.

Perfect for the cow collector or someone looking for an unusual farmland animal gift. This little heifer will look great hanging on your Holiday tree, in a sunny window, even from your rear-view mirror. Ornaments are for anywhere you want to hang them nowadays...MY favorites are up all year, suspended from cuphooks under my kitchen cabinets!!!

Each spoon cow is made to order upon purchase....spoon body shape, patina colors, and pig "personality" may vary from those pictured....each is unique, one-of-a-kind and totally, absolutely adorable.

Photo below shows an example of three different spoon cows and their various shapes/personalities.


Spoon Cow Variety photo.
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