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Vintage Silverplated Knife Slice Pendant
Vintage Silverplated Knife Slice Pendant, Floral/Rose
Brand new -ish...I've made knife slices into bracelets in the past, but just recently had the idea to use one as a simple pendant. As much as I make jewelry, and love all the slightly funky stuff that happens sometimes....I'm also a big fan of plain ole' simple and elegant. This fits that theme perfectly. Pendant is crafted from a slice of a hollow-handled, vintage silverplate, knife. The ends have been sanded, smoothed, and hammered some, and I've formed the hollow slice into a more circular shape to be seen from the side...not perfect, just a little better than it was cut right from the saw.

This pendant has a flower/rose pattern and I tried to showcase that. Comes on a 20" stainless chain, though the chain links are made so that the lobster clasp can be closed in for wearing at a shorter length. The hole is also large enough to fit through almost any size chain....I bet you could even possibly get this onto a Pandora-style bracelet if you wanted.


Vintage Silverplated Knife Slice Pendant, Side View Vintage Silverplated Knife Slice Pendant, alternate view
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