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Jingle Knife Bell Pendant

Vintage Silverplated Knife Handle Pendant

Knife end jingle knife bell necklace, assortment.
These. Are. Really. Nifty. !!!!

I take the end of the hollow handle of a vintage silverplate knife, cut, drill, sand, etc., etc....then suspend various handmade dangles from inside....usually some combination of sterling, copper, & brass, sometimes accented with beads, sometimes not. It forms a bell that makes a nice gentle jingle sound....nothing too loud or obtrusive.

Pendant comes on a long 36 inch silk cord necklace that can be slipped over your head...but the bail is large enough so you may put it on your favorite chain if you'd prefer.

Photos above are of several that I've done....those pictured below are available and in stock for ordering. Each is one of a kind, only one of each is available.

PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR PHOTOS OF THOSE IN STOCK...SOMETIMES I HAVE OTHERS AVAILABLE, sometimes I have other knife patterns that I haven't gotten to use yet !!!

Jingle Knife Bell Pendant N1502
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