Handcrafted jewelry and decorative items by Connie Pardini ~made with copper, sterling silver, & other metals~

Fork Snail
Fork Snail Sculpture
Fork Snail ....is this adorable or what!!!

Each little snail is crafted from one stainless steel fork bent into shape.

The photos above and below are an example only: your snail may vary in fork pattern and shape. Though I strive to make each one as alike as possible, I make them one at a time, by hand, thus assuring that each snail has it's own "personality" and uniqueness.

Perfect for the nature lover......while I haven't found a "story" about snails as I have for the crickets I make, my first snail sold was to a woman who told me "I'm buying this to remind myself to slow down and enjoy life more" . Another customer, when told that "story", expanded it to say "slow down, enjoy life more, and leave a shiny trail behind". Seem like good sentiments to me :)


Fork snail, alt view 1 Fork snail, alt view 2
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