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Copper Ornament

Copper Stinkbug Ornament
It's a Pittsburgh thing! Officially known as the "brown marmorated stinkbug", these critters apparently invaded the area a few years before I arrived. After finding them in all kinds of hidey holes...or just out in plain sight....and having more encounters than I like to think about, I figured if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...or at least make a cuter version :)

Hand made, of course, from copper, with a flame patina that means each stinkbug will have it's own unique coloring. This one is shown hanging (crawling???!!) on my kitchen wall, but won't he look cute on your Holiday tree or wherever you decide to hang him?

Measures approx. 3-4 inches, give or take, including legs.


Copper Stinkbug Ornament, alternate view 1 Copper Stinkbug Ornament, alternate view 2
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