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Copper Flamingo Ornament

Garrett County, Md Souvenir or YOUR personalization!

Copper Flamingo Ornament
Copper flamingo ornament...

I like when my customers request something...and it turns out as awesome as this did! I love working with copper....and sometimes I outdo myself...this is one of those times, when I started to do this flamingo I had no idea it would turn out so well! I've even made one for myself, it hangs in my kitchen....my husband and I married in Las Vegas, and stayed at the Flamingo Hotel on our wedding trip, so it has special meaning to us.

Flamingo ornament is hand fabricated using copper sheet and copper wire; flame patinaed.

Measures approx. 3 - 4 inches, give or take a bit.

As each flamingo is made by hand, one at a time, subtle and slight differences in things such as coloring may occur, as the flame patina is not an exact science.


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