Handcrafted jewelry and decorative items by Connie Pardini ~made with copper, sterling silver, & other metals~

Oak Leaf Ornament
Copper Oak Leaf Ornament
Copper oak leaf ornament, flame patinaed...or flame "painted", as I sometimes refer to the colors that appear when heating copper. Hand cut from copper sheet, my actual template/reference for the leaf shape comes from my former neighbor's oak tree that dropped leaves in my driveway, which I've traced onto copper.

Each leaf measures approx. 2 1/2 inches x 1 3/4 inches, give or take a bit. Your leaf may vary somewhat from photos shown, as I do hand cut all leaves one at a time, and the flame patina turns out differently each time...no two will be exactly alike...but all are beautiful!

I use Rennaissance Wax, the same wax used in fine musuems, to protect the patina on your leaf.


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