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Penny Turtle Necklace
Penny Turtle Necklace

Sea Turtle pendant.....tortoise....terrapin........ crafted from a US Penny !

I made one of these last year, sold it at a festival, and have tried several times to re-create it without success. It took several tries, but I finally figured it out again!

I start with a US Penny, pre-1982, which equals more copper content. Shell is formed by hammering, and then I solder on copper accents to make the head, legs, and tail. Penny shell still shows some of the penny imprint, on both sides....definitely a conversation piece :)

Suspended from a black leather cord necklace, turtle measures approx. 1 inch wide and approx. 1 1/2 inch long including the bail.

Photo below shows several different turtles and how each turns out a little bit different due to the handmade quality...yet all are essentially the same...just like in nature!


Penny Turtle Pendant variety.
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