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Coin Flower Pendants
Coin Flower Pendants/Sample Group
New for 2013.....I've become obsessed recently with making these...they're so fun and I LOVE flowers!

Each flower pendant is crafted from a coin....either US coins or foreign coins. I hammer the coins, heat them, hammer some more, cut, dome, shape, solder, drill, whatever it takes to turn a round coin into a beautiful, cool, unique, nifty, flower pendant.

Each pendant will come on a silverplated chain necklace with lobster clasp.

Coin flower pendants are made individually, one at a time, by hand, and thus may vary slightly in shape and size....however, each one will come with the same number of petals and center "dots" that are shown in the photos below that correspond to your order.

In the above photo are some examples of some I've done, below are choices available for purchase.

US Dime Coin Flower Pendant
US Nickel Coin Flower Pendant
US Penny Coin Flower Pendant
US Quarter Coin Flower Pendant
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