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Penny Hedgehog Pendant
Copper Penny Hedgehog Pendant

It's a penny....wait, NO, no.....it's a HEDGEHOG!!!!! Born in my workshop August 6, 2017!!!!

Purely, simply adorable.....Using a pre-1982 copper US Penny coin, along with some of my metal magic.....that penny becomes an enchanting hedgehog pendant :)

Each one will be similar but uniquely yours due to it's handmade-one-at-a-time-just-for-you qualities.

Suspended on a black leather cord necklace, each hedgehog is the size of, well, a US penny coin, give or take a bit for the shaping.

I'm sure this could also be considered a porcupine, or even a shrew....they're kind of similar, in their shape and spiny quill features.


Copper Penny Hedgehog Pendant, alternate views
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