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Horseshoe Nail "Lucky Horseshoe" Pendant
Horseshoe Nail "Lucky Horseshoe" Pendant/Necklace
By special customer request a few years ago (and making me feel silly for not thinking of it myself first!!) ...a horseshoe nail pendant, shaped into, but of course....a horseshoe! We had a little oops moment...the first one I made had the horseshoe opening facing down....but my customer informed me ever so nicely that a lucky horseshoe has to face UP....to hold the luck in, something I did not know until then :)

One of my most popular horseshoe nail pendants (the other popular one is the heart), the lucky horseshoe measures approx. 1 inch and will come on a black leather cord necklace.

FYI, this look works for both men and women.


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