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Horseshoe Nail Link Necklace
Horseshoe Nail Necklace
Horseshoe nail necklace....entire necklace, from front to back, is made using bent, curved horseshoe nails, the same as in the bracelet. Sterling silver rings connect the horseshoe nails.

>>>>>>>>>>Though the clasp shown in the photo is a hook/loop clasp made from horseshoe nails, necklace WILL COME WITH A LOBSTER CLASP...even though the hook/loop horseshoe nail clasp is cool looking, I've found that a lobster clasp is just more secure, and I'd hate for you to lose your necklace<<<<<<<<<<

Measures approx. 16 1/2 inches in length. If you need a longer or shorter length...email me to let me know and I'll get as close as possible to the size you need.

Horseshoe nails are steel...I don't recommend immersion in water for any length of time.

See below for more photos.


Horseshoe Nail Necklace, alt view #1
Horseshoe Nail Necklace, alt view #2
Horseshoe Nail Necklace, alt view #3
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