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Horseshoe Nail Jewelry
Horseshoe Nail Necklace
Horseshoe Nail Four-Leaf Clover / Shamrock
Quite a few years ago, when I first started making jewelry, I came across some horseshoe nail crosses...they looked interesting, and since I love making things with metal, I just had to have some. I purchased my first box of horseshoe nails, started playing with them....and soon enough I had a whole section of my website devoted to things made with horseshoe nails. And NOW, in 2017, I discovered COPPER-COATED horseshoe nails, and have fallen in love with them...you'll find some new creations using those here also.

Horseshoe nails are made of steel, plain ol' steel....which means they will rust if immersed in water. So I don't recommend wearing your horseshoe nail jewelry in the shower..... that being said, I have a customer who has worn his horseshoe nail bracelet every day for two years...even in the shower. The nails have patinaed brown, the silver links offer a beautiful contrast. And another customer has one of my horseshoe nail crosses, she wore it every day for several years also, and it turned completely black and smooth. So you never know how your horseshoe nail jewely will patina....but it's going to get better with time. And of course, when I *purposely* put some horseshoe nails in a jar of water for three weeks...the water itself turned rusty looking, but when I rinsed the nails, not much had happened to them. So, I dunno. Just keep a little teeny piece of fine steel wool on hand...if your horseshoe nail jewelry gets a little rust spot or needs brightening, buffing with fine steel wool will do the trick, and it'll brighten the sterling links too.

>>>>Copper coated horseshoe nails: Over time, and with heavy wear, some of this coating will most likely wear off. When I brought these home....the first thing I did was take a wire brush and a sander to a few, just to experiment. It'll probably take awhile for the copper to wear off completely....BUT, I can only see this as a patina kind of thing, with the copper wearing, and the steel coming through and then darkening as it does with wear, and all of it coming together over time for it's own individual look.

Horseshoe Nail Triskelion Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Link Bracelet, Four-Leaf Clover / Shamrock center
Horseshoe Nail Bracelet
Horseshoe Mud Nail Bracelet
Horseshoe Nail Squared Earrings, Steel or Copper-Coated
Horseshoe Nail Triskelion, Tightly Curled
Horseshoe Nail Circle Bracelet, Copper Coated Nails
Horseshoe Nail Circle Earrings, Copper Coated Nails
Horseshoe Nail Link Bracelet, Copper-coated nails.
Horseshoe Nail Triple Dangle Pendant, Copper-coated nails
Domed Penny & Horseshoe Nail Bracelet
Horseshoe Nail Heart Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Curled Earrings
Horseshoe Nail "Lucky Horseshoe" Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Square Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Triskelion Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Guardian Angel Ornament
Horseshoe Nail Necklace with "Chandelier" pendant
Horseshoe Nail Single Cross Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Double Cross Pendant
Horseshoe Nail & Bullet Flower Earrings
Horseshoe Nail Tiny Spoon Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Straight Earrings
Horseshoe Nail "Lucky Horseshoe" Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Triple Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Quadruple Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Skinny Heart Pendant
Hammered & Twisted Horseshoe Nail Pendant
Horseshoe Nail Circle Pendant
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