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Spoon Gnome
Spoon Gnome/close up view
Spoon gnome. For your planter or garden. My husband presented me with a garden gnome for my birthday...one of my favorite gifts ever! Inspired by *Fudwick* (he had to have a name!), I created these little spoon gnomes.

Using a whole, flattened, vintage silverplate teaspoon, and copper accents for most of his body parts, I've created adorable little garden/planter gnomes....just stick the spoon handle down into the dirt of your house/potted plants/flowers, or into your garden.

Each spoon gnome is hand made to order upon purchase, and may vary a bit from photos due to that handcrafted nature.....each has his own personality and individual look, though the basic parts are similar.

Photos above and below show more than one gnome, to show variations in looks.....you will receive ONE spoon gnome.


Spoon gnomes in planter.
Spoon gnome variations/full view.
Spoon gnome variations.
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