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Hammer Forged Cross Bracelet

Choice of Sterling Silver or Copper

Hammer Forged Cross Bracelet, choice of Sterling Silver or Copper

Cross bracelets....this one is my favorite, and I have one myself in this style that I wear very often. Made from 10g sterling silver or copper, your choice. Cross and links are hammered wide at the ends. Cross measures approx. 30mm x 20mm, give or take a bit. Each link and the cross itself is curved slightly to fit your wrist. Bracelet length is approx. 7 1/2 to 8 inches...and should fit an average sized wrist. This looks even way more beautiful in person!

More photos below.

Sterling Silver ~ 180.00

Copper ~ 75.00

Sterling silver hammer forged sideways cross bracelet. Copper hammer forged sideways cross bracelet.
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