Handcrafted jewelry and decorative items by Connie Pardini ~made with copper, sterling silver, & other metals~

About Wirestorm Creations
It began innocently enough....one day, my then 4 year old daughter broke her simple (but favorite!) beaded stretch bracelet. I purchased stretchy cord and fixed it, made a few more, and thought "hey, this is rather fun". I did a web search for "bracelet making"....found some information and tutorials, read, read some more....bought some craft wire....bought some beads.....and started playing. I've been hooked on wire and metal and beads from the very beginning.

Entirely self taught, I've learned, and am still learning, most of my techniques through reading, internet tutorials, & a LOT of experimentation. After about a year, I'd made too much jewelry for one person to wear, so I started selling a few items on Ebay. After the first busy holiday season, I decided that, really, I should have my own website. Which led to more learning. Then a neighbor suggested I sell my items at a local artisan shop...I very nervously took some of my work in, they liked it!! So now I have what amounts to my own business....all from a child's broken stretch bracelet!

Now for a little info about my materials:

My jewelry is made mostly with .925 Sterling Silver and Copper. I tend to make more copper pieces than sterling, or use a mix of sterling and copper and brass or bronze....copper is just a great metal, and the metal I most enjoy working with ....and I sell more copper creations than anything else :) Other metals I work with include brass and bronze, aluminum, steel. And then there are the "found objects" that I like to use....vintage silverplate or stainless flatware, horseshoe nails, hardware items, buttons, glass pieces....anything that catches my eye, especially if it's made of metal, has a chance to make it into one of my creations.

***.925 Sterling Silver*** is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Sterling silver is also a precious metal. Sterling will tarnish...if worn regularly, however, your natural body oils help to keep the tarnishing to a minimum. Another way to clean your sterling is to make a paste with a bit of baking soda and water. Rub gently, rinse with lukewarm water, dry, then follow with a polishing cloth.


***Copper*** is reddish gold in color, and while not a precious metal, is used rather often in jewelry making and for decorative items (especially by me!) Copper jewelry and ornaments will darken with age/wear/use....it can be left as is for a natural patina or dipped in a copper cleaner for a bright finish. Truly, when I started working with copper, I wanted it all to be bright and shiny....then I just stopped fighting it; now I love the natural patina copper gets over time and with wear/use. I use bare, uncoated copper....I really don't like the look or feel of copper that has been enamel/sprayed/dipped in a coating.


Horseshoe Nail Jewelry is crafted from steel horseshoe nails and will rust if worn in water. Please remove your horseshoe nail jewelry before bathing, showering, swimming, or dish washing. If your horseshoe nail jewelry needs polishing, buff with a bit of fine steel wool to restore its luster. That being said, I have a customer who has worn his horseshoe nail bracelet day and night, in the shower and out, for the past several years....the horseshoe nails have patinaed a dark brown color and the bracelet looks fantastic. Of course, when I myself tried to "purposely" rust some horseshoe nails, by leaving them sit in a jar of water for three weeks: the water turned rust-colored, but when I poured it out and rinsed off the nails, not much had happened to them, so, I dunno!


Copper Wind Spinners will go from bright and shiny to a darker brown, before finally developing the characteristic blue-green patina of copper. This natural process may take from several months to several years, depending on weather exposure.


***14k Yellow/Rose Gold Fill*** Gold Fill is an outer layer of gold bonded by heat and pressure to a base metal. Gold Fill items are regulated by the FTC and must be at least 5% gold by weight. Gold Fill has about 100 times more gold than gold plate....it does not flake, rub off, or turn colors, and is much more valueable and tarnish resistant than gold plate. Usually, anyone who can wear gold jewelry can wear gold fill jewelry without worries that it will cause an allergic reaction. .


***Ornament Hooks in silver, copper, and other colors are crafted with permanently colored copper wire that is coated to resist tarnishing. *****Gold Ornament hooks, at this time, are crafted with jewelers brass, also known as red brass, merlin's gold, nu-gold, and is uncoated and can patina over time.


Though lately I've tended toward more all-metal pieces, a good bit of my work is accented with, and wouldn't be the same, without BEADS, of all kinds! ....glass, lampwork, Czech, Swarovski Crystal and Pearl, Semi-Precious Gemstone, Sterling Silver, Gold Fill, Vermeil, Copper, Pewter, Wood.

I make every attempt to use quality materials combined with care and attention to detail in all of my creations. I do what I do because it's what I love. Read my item descriptions....I will always tell you what materials I've used in a piece, and if you ever have any questions about anything, please ASK!

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